Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cruisin to Mexico 2010
In April D and I got to go w/ 14 of our besties on a Carribean Cruise to Cozumel...It was GLORIOUS!!!! Seriously the best vacation I've ever had! It was so nice to have so much quality time w/ Hubbs! I loved every minute of it! The best part?....The crackberry stayed home!!!! It was AAAAAAMMMMAAAAAAAZZZZZZIIIINNNNGGG!!!!! I don't think I've seen D this relaxed since well....EVER!!! I would highly reccomend cruising as a vacation.

-Never having to pull out your wallet (I think hubbs liked this the most!):)
-Food 24 hrs a day including room service
-Tons of entertainment options i.e., karaoke, dancing...oh the dancing!!!, miniature golf, shows, water slides
-game nights...we'd meet up in the dining hall and push tables together and play games all night

-Food was less than stellar....I didn't go in thinking that it would be the best so it was fine.
-Sea I had it BAD!!! Next time I'll definitely get the patch!
-The ship listing...not so fun...thank goodness it happened on our last full day at sea. While it was very scary, less than an hour later I was learning to line dance w/ the girls on needless to say the party was by no means over!

Some of the highlights......

D (holding my bag like the gentleman that he is!) in Cozumel

My toesies chillin on the beach in Cozumel...Glorious!!!

Dark Chocolate Molten Cake w/ vanilla ice cream
While the desserts were not so stellar...this was pretty good and I ate it every night!

More much food around that by the end I was sick of seeing so much food!

Our ship in Cozumel

Lots of this went on...I'm just sayin..:) No I don't usually kiss w/ my eyes open but I was attempting a FB like

This is the sunset we watched our last night on the ship...So romantic!

This is an actual pic I took of our Cozumel beach resort. We opted to go to a place called Nachi Cocum. It's a private beach club that was a 10 min. taxi ride from the port. So worth it! All the reviews for this place were great and it didn't dissapoint! It was everything we wanted...private (no spring breakers!), beautiful pool and beautiful beach. We enjoyed jet skiing and a couples massage (AMAZING!!!) while we were there and lunch. Couldn't have asked for a better day! Just the two of favorite day of the whole trip!
We LAUGHED a lot, we DANCED a lot, We ATE a lot, We SLEPT a lot.....Mexico...We MISS you...A LOT!!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

23 days!..That's all we have left till I'm sailin away to pinacoladaville!! ( The non alchy kind of course!) I am starting to miss the babies all ready though..:( I hate leaving them but D and I definitely could use the time alone...well..if you can call vacationing w/ 12 of your besties "alone" time! I'm sure we'll figure somethin out!;)

P90x is kicking my tail! I love it! I am so sore but in a really good way! I don't know that I'll end up with a ripped "beach body" but I know I'll end up with a better beach body than I would have with out it!

Last night we did Kenpo and man was it fun! M and I were drenched at the end! It went by so fast because I was having so much fun! I forgot how much I love kick boxing! We rocked it..

P.S...I got into the swimsuit I couldn't get into last summer! Woot! Woot!:)

Hastas Pastas!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I hurt in places I didn't know could hurt or existed...I want to throw up...or die...or both. I have been doing P90x w/ M and Beez and MAN! It's Carazzy! I feel so great though and it has been really fun to work out again. We are on our second week and to be honest, I'm shocked I made it through the first day! Woot! Woot! For anyone wondering...I highly recommend this work out! D asked his friend who's a personal trainer if he'd heard anything about this program and he laughed and said "It's the workout I do!" he bought it and here we are!

P.S....Plyometrics is SOOOOO hard but Soooooo GOOD!:) Is anyone else P90xers?...

Friday, March 19, 2010

Last week we had a T Fam favorite....Family Movie Night!!!!

We got the our treats...popped some corn..AND...

we ALL fell asleep!!! How funny is that! Well, everyone but some

mysterious bandits that is!

Someone came and drew all over the kids faces...hmmmm..I wonder

who did it?...It sure wasn't Mama because she was sound asleep in her bed!..

Hmmmm...Was it the sugar daddy?......I dunno..looks suspicious....

Little Man lookin very Zorroesque...unibrow and all!

K lookin like a...well...a man!

Lookin like Hitler...I don't think his Jewish ancestors would appreciate...:(

J's got the full Monty!

Ah hah!! There's the culprit!...or maybe not...hmmm...looks like the work
of another bandit.....

Yep!..That's the one! I'd recognize that ASHINESS anywhere!!!!muahhhhhhhhaaaaaaaa!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

D was taking my car to T-ball so I asked him to put Baby B's car seat into A's car while I finished dinner so it would be ready when we got home. (I was taking K to her open house) This is what I found when I got outside....

There are no words...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Soccer Madness! J started soccer last Saturday and oh it was so fun! I love watching the kids when their having so much fun! J L-O-V-E loves soccer and this was an early game! We had to be there at 7:30 in the morning! Anyone who knows me knows I am not a morning person! It was so worth it though! Go Spartans! Not that it matters but they did win:)!

My Jizzle w/his after game snack

Warming up before the game! Go #9!

Look at my boy go!

Can't wait till the next game!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Busy Busy.....

So it's been caaaaraaazy around here!!! Our schedule has been insane lately and is about to get worse! I figure if I can squeeze in an update at least once a month, I'm doing great! Here's what we've been up to lately....

Mr. Man: Busy! Work is keeping him so busy! I'm grateful he at least can work from home at times so I at least get to see him! Of course he makes sure to squeeze in some time for basketball! He's busy coaching little man's t-ball team (Yankee's...go figure!:), helping w/ D's baseball team and taking J to soccer and football! exhausts me just to type it!

Mama: Busy! Busy! I have my hands full w/ baby B, Little man and the rest of the monkeys. Our house is constantly bustling with activity! I feel like I'm constantly running, picking up, dropping off, squeezing in...and all the other things it takes to make this house run! Mama's need assistants!

K: My baby girl is growing too fast! She'll be 12 this year and I can't believe it! She's getting ready to start Volleyball this month and she couldn't be more excited. She keeps busy w/ school, roller blading w/ her friend L (so fun that she lives 4 doors down!), reading and running her brothers all over the place!

Little D: He just started Baseball and is loving it! He is so much like his daddy! He is so kind and sweet. With wrestling season over, he's enjoying more time for his other, football, apple didn't fall far from the tree..:)

J: He is sooooo glad wrestling is over! He is so excited to start soccer and man has it been fun watching his games! He scored 2 goals last week! I guess I am a proud mama! J is our ladies man. He is so charming! It is the cutest thing! He always notices when you look nice and is so generous with compliments. What a sweet boy!

Little Man: He's so excited to start T-ball! He's having fun and I'm excited to see my little artist up to bat! He goes to the greatest preschool M-W-F from 9-2 and love it! He loves his teacher Ms. S and so do I! He comes home all tuckered out from his studies (girls) and usually needs a nap before dinner!

Baby B: My sweet boy! He turned 1 and seems to be on fast forward lately. He is walking and all over the place! His personality is really coming out and man is he sassy!!! I really enjoy the time we get together during the day and it's a treat to have 1 at home for a change. He really looks forward to M coming home though and misses him when he's gone:(.

We have had a lot of moving ins around here and we couldn't be happier! A & B came from UT a few weeks ago and are staying with us until they get settled. It's been so great having them here! The kids love having them around and they are so helpful. I have loved being able to take care of my sis (bun in the oven:) and B is such an awesome uncle! With my brother M here, it's just a great big party all the time! I love it!